Meet Hero RC: The Versatile Freestyle Master

Hero RC: The Versatile Freestyle Master
Hero RC, born on October 16, 1997 in Toledo, Spain, has emerged as a leading figure in the world of Freestyle. His journey began at age 14, when he began improvising in street battles with a group of friends. At 16, Freestyle stopped being a hobby and became his way of life, actively participating in tournaments and groups in his hometown of Aranjuez and its surroundings.

Beginnings and Career
At 18 years old, Hero RC faced his first high-profile challenge at the BDM Regional Madrid, competing against renowned talents like Hander. Although the trip ended early in the round of 16, this experience only fueled his determination. Hero RC continued unwaveringly in the world of Freestyle, simultaneously exploring musical composition. He collaborated with BCH and released both collaborative and solo works, some of which evolved and were removed to refine his craft over the years.
Musical Versatility
At the age of 20, Hero RC made a significant decision by retiring from cockfighting to dedicate himself completely to music and Freestyle. Recognized for his versatility, he enjoys exploring different registers to infuse unique freshness into each song. His ability to structure lyrics and his close bond with the melancholic style define him as an exceptional artist.

Dedication and Evolution
Hero RC is a dedicated rapper who has evolved over the years, constantly seeking to improve and experiment with his artistry. His decision to leave cockfighting reflects his commitment to musical evolution and the search for an authentic sonic identity.
Standing out for his ability to structure lyrics, Hero RC has cultivated a unique connection with the melancholic style that has always characterized his artistic identity. His story in Freestyle is just the prelude to a musical career in constant growth and reinvention.

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