“People now take me seriously because of Wizkid” – Bloody Civilian (VIDEO)

“People now take me seriously because of Wizkid” – Bloody Civilian (VIDEO).


Popular singer-songwriter Bloody Civilian recently expressed gratitude towards renowned musician Wizkid for his role in elevating her status in the music industry. In a recent radio interview with Cool FM, Bloody Civilian discussed her music career, where the topic of Wizkid’s influence arose. She recounted how Wizkid had previously praised her music and talent, significantly impacting her industry recognition.

Acknowledging Wizkid’s endorsement, Bloody Civilian emphasized the importance of validation from established artists. She credited Wizkid’s shoutout for garnering attention and respect towards her work, stating,

“Shout out to Wizkid, people are now taking me seriously because of him. He gave me a cosign and a cosign goes a long way. I’m grateful.”

The singer’s acknowledgement highlights the significant impact that support and recognition from established figures like Wizkid can have on emerging artists’ careers.


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