Africans used like guinea pigs for tests



An exchange of views between French doctors has sparked the furious reaction of several African soccer stars.  The dialogue between Jean Paul Mira, head of the resuscitation service at the Cochin Hospital in Paris and Camille Locht, director of research at the Inserm, French institute of health and medical research, on the LCI chain, theorized about whether it should not be carried  carried out "a study in Africa where they do not have masks, treatments or resuscitation" because "it is done in studies in the case of AIDS where they use prostitutes to test certain things because they know that they are very exposed and have no protection". 

 Statements that have obviously outraged many African footballers.  The first, Senegalese Demba Ba, a former West Ham player, who replied in the following way: "Welcome to the West where white believes itself so superior that racism and weakness become banality. It is time to get up," said the forward.  Another of those who responded harshly was Samuel Eto'o, a former FC Barcelona and Cameroonian international, who called Mira and Locht "sons of bitches" for proposing experiments in Africa in search of a cure for Covid-19. 

 For his part, Didier Drogba, ex-Chelsea and soccer legend in Ivory Coast, did not insult but was blunt: "It is totally inconceivable that we have to warn of this. Africa is not a laboratory. These statements are demeaning, false and really  racists. Help save Africa from the coronavirus. Don't want to use Africans as guinea pigs! It's disgusting. "


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