Busta Rhymes - Sexual

Azealia Banks Accuses Busta Rhymes Of Sexual Assaulting Her Boyfriend

Azealia Banks has been in the headlines lately for stirring a few different pots. She recently accused Nikki Minaj of being jealous of Cardi B, said she had sex with Dave Chappelle, and now she is accusing Busta Rhymes of sexually assaulting her boyfriend!

Azealia is alleging Busta Rhymes grabbed her ex-boyfriend, Mike’s butt while they were out in the club.

It’s ironic how these accusations are all coming out after they have been “beefing” for the past two weeks. Azealia claims her and Busta agreed to do a collaboration, but when she leaked a song with Busta’s voice on it… his team immediately had the song taken down. Busta says he never agreed to collaborate with her. 

I call BS… but that’s just my opinion. Busta has always had a pretty solid track record.

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