Jay-Z’s Secret Daughter, Shares DNA Proof & Receipts

29 Year Old American Woman Claims To Be Jay-Z’s Secret Daughter, Shares DNA Proof & Receipts

A 29-year-old American woman identified as La’Teasha Macer has made a shocking claim that rapper, Jay-Z is her biological dad. 

Jay-Z’s alleged daughter, La’Teasha who has her own kids and says her mum is suffering from a neurological condition, says she’s been told by her family her whole life that Jay-z is her father and her family members are online backing up their claims. 

According to her, she was born in 1990 in Cambridge, Maryland where her aunt, Terry Turner, says she introduced her mother, Lisa, to Jay-Z. Turner claims Lisa and Jay Z used to hook up at Lisa’s sister’s house before she got pregnant and gave birth to La’Teasha Macer. Lisa’s sister, Terry Turner, claimed in a Facebook post last week that Lisa tried to contact Jay-Z when he was with Roc-a-fella records but she was mocked by the person that answered the call. 

Early this month La’Teasha created an Instagram account with the name ‘jayzfirstdaughter‘ and has been posting several pictures, write-ups, and videos saying she is Jay-Z’s daughter born from an affair he had almost three decades ago.


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