Kabaka Pyramid can’t seem to put a foot wrong lately with the release of meaningful songs. His latest single titled Dreams To Reality from One Time Records stands out as another classic reggae tune. The single follows his collaboration with Christopher Martin a few weeks back. I lavished the pair with praise for Quarantine and Kabaka has done it again. 

His infectious reggae sound is shining through and I can confidently recognise him in my top 5 conscious reggae artists presently. His recent successes are Reggae Music released at the backend of 2019 and Natural Woman. Born Keron Salmon, Kabaka Pyramid rose to prominence in 2015 and has one studio album, Kontraband, released in 2018. With numerous singles, he has been able to perfect his trade and shown versatility in both recording and producing music. He has worked with other class artists like Protogé and Akon and got direction from Bebble Rock Studios.

Dreams To Reality, has Kabaka singing about how he continually makes his dreams come true through hard work. It is easy to reach his level and come off as boastful, however, Kabaka remains humble. Kabaka discusses how he is able to share his wealth with his family and urges people to focus more on channelling riches toward the next generation. It’s one thing to accumulate wealth, it’s another thing to ensure it stays within the family going towards the education of grandchildren for example. Kudos to Kabaka as the sentiment is noble and makes sense. It’s very different to what you hear from dancehall artists or rappers for example, who spend most of their income on bling, alcohol and drugs promoting the “lifestyle”. Not knocking the “lifestyle” per se, but there are limits. 

We should all be excited about Kabaka Pyramid’s progress and I look forward to more conscious music. I hope other artists will take a page from his handbook and think twice when the dollars start raining in.

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